Soladec Portable Solar Power Charger

Soladec Portable Charger – Top 10 SPI – #9

Never be caught without power again. The Soladec All-In-One Portable Solar Power Charger is a versatile solar powered charger that allows you to charge most USB powered portable electronic devices from your smartphone and MP3 player to tablets, e-reader, GPS and camera, and many more. It has built-in high flux LED lamps with a power level indicator for indoor/outdoor use and can work as an SOS lamp blinker by choosing the SOS function from its power button. Designed to maximize functionality, it perfect for camping, fishing, boating, hiking and any emergency since it is easy to use and lightweight to carry. Charging system automatically shuts off when a device is at full charge extending battery life. At full charge, the battery will provide most smartphones with at least 2.5 complete charges. At full charge, it takes about 2 hours 40 minutes to charge a smartphone (actual charging time will vary by device). Charge time to full capacity: approx. 11 hrs via Sun, 7 hrs via USB (actual solar charge time may vary greatly depending on atmospheric conditions, the amount of sunlight, etc.). Included are Soladec Hybrid Solar Powered Charger, USB Charging Cable, Carrying Case, Wrist Lanyard and User’s Manual. Technical Spec: Solar Module-5V, 330mA (1.65W), Shatter Resistant Tempered Low-Iron Glass; LED Module-0.8W (High Flux LED), Life Span of 50,000 hours; Internal Battery-Li-polymer, 3.7V, 4000mA (14.8WH)