Solar Street Light


Product Features:

LED Watts: 100W Equivalent
Lumens: 1200-1320
Solar Panel Size: 18W / 18V
Recommended Light Distance: 28ft – 35ft

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Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light – Silicon Solar’s LED Solar Powered Street Light 12WIt is a fixture which combined all parts in one. It has a high efficient solar panel on the top, a motion sensor, LED lights, controller and a battery in it.

The LED Solar Powered StreetLight convenient to install and you will not have to deal with a bunch of wires. It is a perfect choice for a streetlight, because streetlight always stay outdoor and under the sun all day, and because the streetlight always place high on a pole, so not much things can create shade and block the solar panel. So why are you still paying expensive bills to utility company? Get the Silicon Solar LED Solar Powered StreetLight 12W provide you flexibility and save you money.

Charge the LED Solar Powered StreetLight with 8 hours sunlight and it will be good for 20 hours (energy saving mode)! And 10 hours under full power mode. Motion sensor will sense movement and will operate in full power mode.