Solar Powered USB Rechargeable HeadLamp


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USB Rechargeable HeadLamp – Comfortable Headband, Perfect for Hiking, Running, Emergencies, Camping, Backpacking & More

Rechargeable Batteries Included

The SunJack LightWeight Headlamp is a comfortable, rechargeable, multi-use, hands-free light. It can be used indoors and out, at home or on the road. It contains 6 variations of white light and one solid red function. It really is a must-have for every emergency preparedness kit. The clip on the headband has a built-in whistle.

Being hands-free, the SunJack HeadLamp is great for adults and kids alike. Hands-free means no need for holding a flashlight. This keeps your hands free for walking the dog, holding your child’s hand, climbing or stabilizing yourself on a hike, turning the pages of a book, holding the tools to work on the house or car and so much more. The light automatically shines where you are looking – either directly or slightly below or above depending upon your choice of adjustment.

Technical Specifications

Battery Capacity: 900mAh
NiMH: 1.2V
Unit Dimension: 9in” x 9in” x 2″ (22.86cm x 22.86cm x 5.08cm)
Unit Weight: 6oz / 170.1g
Packaging Dimension: 9.75″ 9.75x ” x 2.25″ (24.77cm x 24.77cm x 5.72cm)
Charging Time: 2.5 hours
What is in the box: SunJack HeadLamp Body, Headband, 3 AAA Rechargable SunJack Batteries.
Lighting Mode Specifications
3 Modes: White Spotlight, White floodlight and Solid Red LED.
Spotlight: High Level – 240 lumens, 50-65 meters, 3.5 hours; Mid Level – 110 lumens, 30-35 meters, 8 hours; Low Level – 40 lumens, 5-10 meters, 40 hours.
Floodlight: High Level – 100 lumens, 15-20 meters, 6 hours; Mid Level – 50 lumens, 8-12 meters, 12 hours; Low Level – 20 lumens, 5-8 meters, 48 hours.
Red Light: Solid LED only. (No strobe or SOS functions.)

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