600 Peak Amp Jump Starter


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600 PEAK Amp Jump-Starter

The 600 PEAK amp Jump-Starter allows you to jump-start your own battery, meaning there’s no need
to wait on others anymore. Whether you’re in your daily ride or weekend play toy, our 600 peak amp
jump-starter will get you up and running in no time. And for those on the go, an integrated 1 Amp USB
port and 12V DC outlet will give your electronic devices a boost in a pinch. Specific features include:

Exclusive Low Charge Alert (LCA) – warning that goes off when the jump-starter needs to be
charged, like a smoke detector

Digital LED display that shows, Battery Life of the Jump-starter

Volt meter reading of the dead vehicle battery

Durable High Impact resistant housing

Reverse polarity indicator/alarm – Alarm and light if you do not hookup correctly to your vehicle (if
hooked up incorrectly your battery could explode)

Built-in AC Charger (allows you to charge with almost any extension cord)

Sealed Lead-Acid Battery

12V outlet and 1 Amp USB

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Weight 10 lbs