2/12/75 Amp Linear Charger – 2 units/ case


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Automotive 2/12/75A Linear Charger

The PEAK Automotive 2/12/75A Linear Charger is ideal for charging or boosting your battery when the
starting performance is lowered. It has a high charge rate of up to 12 amps, and low charge rate of up
to 2 amps (12 Volt only). It is intended for charging 12 volt and 6 volt lead-acid batteries, maintenance-
free batteries, conventional automotive batteries and marine deep cycle batteries. It can assist in
engine starting by delivering up to 70 amps for up to five seconds.

Specific features include:

Automatically taper charges and stops charging when your 12V battery is fully charged

Manually charges 6 volt battery at up to 12 amperes

Built-in circuit protection guards against short circuit

Automatically checks for correct polarity

Heavy-duty cables and steel nickel plated clamps are corrosion-resistant for better connections

Rugged steel case with baked-on finish, plus sturdy handle

Ideal for charging or boosting during winter season

A two-position charge/start selector slide switch enables the engine start function when the charge
rate selection switch selects engine start

Built-in meter displays charge rate and battery charge level on color-coded, easy-to-read display

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Weight 16 lbs