1.5 Amp Automatic Charger – 6 units/ case


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Trickle – 1.5A Linear Charger

Our high frequency PEAK® 1.5A Trickle Chargers can charge up to two times faster than comparable
standard chargers. Electronic microprocessors monitor and automatically adjust voltage and charge
rate during multiple states to achieve the optimal charge. PEAK® Trickle Chargers switch automatically
from charging to float mode for battery maintenance and will resume continuous charging when the
battery becomes discharged. A digital LED display reads amperage, voltage and percentage of battery
charged (including “FUL”) during charging cycles.

Trickle Chargers also feature:

Reverse polarity, short circuit, bad battery and overload protection with indicators and automatic
shut down, battery charging and battery reconditioning indicators

Corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated battery clamps connect to side or top-mounted battery terminals

Durable plastic, water-resistant housing

Snap disconnect harness quickly connects battery clamps or rings

12V DC accessory plug connection to cigarette lighter

Can also charge AGM, deep cycle and gel cell batteries

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Weight 2 lbs