Hybrid Solar Cooker

Hybrid Solar Cooker – Top 10 SPI – #4

Sun BD Corporations unique hybrid solar cooker is made of durable materials which can withstand any kind of weather. Portable, easy to operate, and rugged enough for use in any conditions, the Hybrid Solar Cooker Sun Oven Portable Cooker by Sun BD Corporation is a great purchase at an affordable price. This cooker features a clamshell designed suitcase, one piece reflector panel, a double paned window, double rubber seals, booster panels, four cooking pans, an oven mitt, an oven thermometer, 6’ power cord, and instructional CD. This cooker can back to temperatures up to 300 degrees and can cycle between solar and electric power sources as needed. Additionally, this product can allow you to cook using 75% less power than a typical oven after being plugged into a 120V outlet.